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Childs Play Drama Frames Professional Development

Updated: Jun 27

Coach Peaches was one of the 15 educators selected for this Professional Development Program!

From June 24 - 27, 2024, Coach Peaches participated in Childs Play's prestigious Professional Development program, Discover Strategies for Arts-Integrated Instruction with Drama Frames! This free, 16-hour program is tailored for K-5 educators and took place at Childs Play's Campus in Tempe. We are excited for Coach Peaches to bring back fresh ideas and techniques to enrich our students' learning experiences through the arts! She learned several strategies, collaborated, and networked with some awesome educators who are inspired by making learning fun with infusing curriculum with the arts! Thanks to the entire ChildsPlay Education Department for investing into teachers in Arizona! Coach Peach left with awesome additions to our library and other wonderful goodies that our coaches will be using for years to come!

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