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A Mission Comes to Fruition

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Decades of Dreams are finally coming true with the exciting opportunity to combine academics and performing arts! We are eager and excited to announce the opening of an alternative to the traditional public school setting as we present ATO Academy beginning September 7, 2021. ATO Academy is a K-12 learning environment whose location will serve students and families in the South Mountain region of Phoenix. Class sizes are small so spaces are limited. We will be able to offer students, an alternative educational setting. We offer a combination of online independent learning platforms and biblically-based direct instruction aligned to AZ Standards that are intentionally infused with performing arts (dance, music theory/vocal, instruments, art, etc.), cultural awareness, college and career readiness, life skills (culinary, carpentry, auto mechanics, sewing, etc.) and so much more. Our academic model prides itself in creative expression, autonomy, growth mindset, and self-paced mastery learning! Please help us spread the word! For student enrollment, please submit inquiry here!

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