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The Prince & Timberance - An African-American Children's Fairy Tale

Updated: May 27

We are thrilled to announce the first table read of "The Prince and Timberance," presented by Enchanted Roots Production. Coach Prince read for the King and Sorcerer. Coach Nay read for Lizzie. Coach Monte read for The Prince! This original story, written by R.L. Omer and directed by Najat Deen, features a richly diverse group of talented actors and actresses from the African-American community, representing various professions, walks of life, and ages. "The Prince & Timberance" promises to bring meaningful representation to the beloved genre of children's fairy tales. The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information and access to the study guide, please, contact Enchanted Roots Production at Stay tuned the live play is coming soon!

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